Dry Fruits Weight Gain

Dry Fruits Weight Gain

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Dry Fruits Weight Gain

Dry Fruits & Their Health Benefits

Loss of Weight Fruits - Dry Fruits| Health Benefits of Dry Fruits

To gain weight all you have to do is to take more calories than you consume. Fruits are always a better choice to add in nutrition for weight gain and to remain healthy as well. Dried fruit is a natural, sweet snack that concentrates the nutrients of whole fruit into a smaller, portable package. They have high energy content and calories as well. Actually water content in fresh fruits makes it low in calories. Dried fruits are normally high in sugar and this will increase your calorie content.

Although it contains a fair bit of sugar, most dried fruit is also loaded with fiber. Dried fruit decreases the amount of body fat that is stored and is full of calories, meaning that it helps you achieve the calorie surplus you need to gain weight.

Dried fruits can lead to dried fruit weight gain because it contains a lot of fruit sugar and thus it is calorie dense. On the other hand, if you need to lose weight, fresh fruit is a lower calorie alternative. A calorie in a fruit if consumed in excess is the same as a calorie that is taken form a pizza or an ice cream. Thus you cannot get good nutrition by eating one kind of food group. Most dried fruit is good but in most cases, dried fruit has a lot of sugar added sugar in it.
Loss of Weight Fruits - Dry Fruits| Health Benefits of Dry Fruits

Health Benefits of Dry Fruits

  •  Dry fruits contain vitamins like vitamin C which is important for improved immunity and wound healing and vitamin B12 which helps in formation of the red blood cells.
  •  These fruits are rich in antioxidants which are extremely effective in preventing cancer.
  • Dry fruits are rich in fiber that can help in curing constipation.
  • Dried fruit contains no fat, cholesterol, or sodium. It also helps to sweeten bland food without adding refined sugars.
  •  Dried fruits are loaded with calcium and minerals.
  • These prevent heart disease and stroke, control blood pressure and prevent certain types of cancer.


Dried fruits are naturally concentrated with carbohydrates and sugars that contribute a natural energy source. But you must eat these fruits in moderation. Certain dried fruits may contain additional ingredients that decrease the overall quality of the fruit. Dry fruits have sugar in excess and sugar is one of the main contributors to tooth decay. Some dried fruits contain preservatives and are also bleached or colored.

To avoid consuming such fruits, try and buy from stores that sell organic dried fruit. Most often organic dried fruits are dried in the sun naturally, so that you can ensure all the nutrients and enzymes are natural and healthy.



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