Jamun Fruit-Jambul, Syzygium cumini

Jamun Fruit-Jambul, Syzygium cumini

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Jamun fruit

Scientific name: Syzygium cumini

Family name: Myrtaceae

Jambul is an evergreen tropical tree in flowering plant family Myrtaceae. Jambul is the native to Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, and Philippines, and the Indonesia.The name of the fruit is sometimes mistranslated as the blackberry, which is the different fruit in an unrelated family. Jamun is the indigenous to India.  Its tree is tall and the evergreen. Jamun fruits are a good source of the iron and are said to useful in troubles of the heart and the liver. Since jamun is the hardy fruit, it can be grown under adverse soil and the climate conditions. Jamun can be propagated both by seeds as well as the vegetative cultivation. It is also called “The Indian blackberry” or the “Black plum”.

Jamun health benefits

Rich in nutrients

Ripe fruit of the Jamun is very rich in the nutrients it contains sodium, iron, calcium, phosphorus, manganese, zinc, potassium, Vitamins C & A, riboflavin, folic acid, choline, nicotinic acid and the maleic acid.


It is a commonly known that the fruit is used for diabetic control. Its dried seeds powder is the very beneficial in the lowering blood sugar levels. The extracts of bark, seeds and the leaves can also be used for treatment of the diabetes.


The leaves have antibacterial properties and used for the strengthening teeth and gums. Seeds and leaves that are loaded with the healing properties and have been used extensively in the traditional streams of the medicine.


The bark of the blackberry tree is astringent, diuretic, digestive, anthelmintic and is considered useful for the throat problems. The jamun fruit is also considered to be the stomachic, carminative, ant scorbutic and the diuretic.


A concoction made from a mixture of the dried seeds and the bark is considered beneficial in the cure of diarrhea and the dysentery.

Blood pressure and migraine control

The leaves of the tree also help in controlling blood pressure and the gingivitis. Jamun Vinegar is also helpful in the Migraine. Apply little vinegar on the head it will give you relief from the migraine pain.


The flowers attract bees and are a source of the honey. The flowers are rich in the nectar and yield high quality honey when apiculture is done close. Its flowers also contain the terpenoids.

Skin care

This fruit is very effective in the blood purification. The paste of seeds mixed with the water is very beneficial in the treating acne.


Jamun fruit has the many health benefits. Jamun has the many medicinal properties, and its fruit is very rich in the nutrients. There is a lot of medicinal use of the Jamun in Ayurveda. Its fruit, leaves as well as seed is the main part which can be used in the curing and controlling diseases. Vinegar made from this Indian black berry fruit is administered in the cases of enlargement of spleen, chronic diarrhea and the urine retention. The decoction of its bark can be used as a mouthwash for the astringent effect on mouth ulcerations, spongy gums, and the stomatitis. Jamun powder is also very rich source of the calcium and vitamins. Having antioxidant properties, jamun powder detoxifies harmful toxins from the body.



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