Kali Jeeri/ Black Cumin/ Caraway Seeds

Kali Jeeri/ Black Cumin/ Caraway Seeds

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Kali Jeeri

Kali Jeeri/ Black Cumin/ Caraway Seeds-

Health Benefits of Kali Jeeri

Black Cumin/Kali Jeeri – Herb.
Botanical name – Centratherum Anthelminticum

Caraway seeds are part of the buttercup family and the appearance of these seeds are dark, thin, and crescent in shape when whole. Caraway seeds are being used for many centuries in the Mediterranean, the Middle East and India. Now a days, the black cumin seeds are being used as a seasoning spice in lot many cuisines across the world due to its special nutty flavor. Besides its culinary uses, the black cumin seeds do have a wealth of important health benefits and is also one of the most cherished medicinal seed in history. Virgin Black Cumin Seed Oil contains many remarkable healing properties and come from one of the most powerful medicinal plants on earth.

Caraway seed is an annual Eurasian herb (Nigella sativa) having bluish-white flowers and pungent black seeds are preferably used as a seasoning in cuisines of almost all the Asian countries. This flowering plant is native to Iran, Afghanistan and the Indian subcontinent. It is also known as black cumin and black caraway, depending on the region, by several variations of kali jeeri. These aromatic seeds are also used as a spice in Indian cuisine and Ayurvedic medicine. Because, Caraway seeds are reputed to possess diuretic properties, this spice is sometimes suggested for weight loss. However, there is little evidence supporting the plants use for weight loss.

The seeds of the black cumin/kali jeeri plant contain over 100 chemical compounds. One of which is Crystalline Nigellone, believed to be the primary active ingredient. Black cumin seed contains: arachidonic acid, beta sitosterol, oleic acid, linoleic acid, linolenic acid, myristic acid, palmitoleic acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid, thymoquinone, protein, folic acid, calcium, iron, copper, zinc, phosphorous, vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and vitamin B3.

Caraway seeds are in relation to the parsley family. The plant is native to Central Asia and Northern India, where it has been used in cooking for centuries. An essential oil is extracted from the seeds, which in return is used in some traditional medicinal practices. It is said to be that the oil is particularly helpful for digestive issues, and is also favorable for some topical injuries such as boils. In many parts of India, the root of the plant is also used in cooking as well.

Black cumin/kali jeeri is to be stored in a cool dry place, likewise all other spices, and preferably in the dark. When the cooks need it for a recipe, the seeds should always be measured first from the storage container and then into a small dish. It should never be poured directly over the cooking food, as the heat or humidity can flow into the container to spoil the spice and remember to toast the spice before use especially for a strong and distinctive flavor. The seeds should not be used beyond a period of six months to one year.

Caraway Seeds Health Benefits

·         The most popular and effective uses of black cumin seeds are in treatment of diseases related to the respiratory system which includes asthma, rheumatism, bronchitis and symptoms of cold. The seed also helps in increasing the body tone, stimulate menstrual period, and even increases the flow of breast milk in nursing mothers.

·         The Black cumin seed oil helps calm the nervous system, stimulates urine production, helps treat pertussis, quells colic pain, improves digestion and helps in lowering down of high blood pressure.

·         Caraway seeds are also very effective in cure of abscesses and tumors of the eye, abdomen and liver. Probably it is due to containing of the anti-tumor compound called beta-sitosterol which is found in the seeds.

·         It stimulates energy and effectively helps in recovery from fatigue and low spirits.

·         It is an effective cure for skin conditions such as allergies, eczema, acne, psoriasis and boils.

·         It is anti-parasitic.

·         It is helpful in treatment of flatulence, diarrhea, hemorrhoids, constipation and dysentery.

·         It is beneficial in all types of Cancers such as Cervical Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Renal Cancer, Fibrosarcoma, Skin cancer, Lung Cancer, Hepatic Cancer, Pancreatic Cancer, Colon Cancer, Breast Cancer, Blood Cancer etc.



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