Bitter Gourd|Health Benefits of Bitter Gourd

Bitter Gourd|Health Benefits of Bitter Gourd

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Bitter Gourd for Weight Loss

Scientific name: Momordica charantia

Family name: Cucurbitaceae

Bitter GourdMomordica charantia typically known as the bitter melon, bitter gourd or the bitter squash in English, has conjointly several alternative native names. The English-language speakers conjointly United States Goya y Lucientes from the native language of the okinawa wherever there’s the big us military presence and also the karavella from Indic. It’s a tropical and also the climatic zone vascular plant of magnoliopsid family, wide mature within the Asia, Africa, and Caribbean for its garden truck, that is among most bitter of all the fruits. Its many types disagree well within the form and also the bitterness of the fruit. This can be a plant of tropics. Bitter melon comes within the style of the shapes or sizes. The Chinese selection is twenty to thirty cm long, rectangular with the roundly tapering ends and pale inexperienced within the color, with a gently undulating, unsmooth surface. The bitter melon a lot of typical of the India includes a narrower form with the pointed ends, and a surface lined with the jagged, triangular “teeth” and also the ridges. Bitter gourd is that the very talked-about vegetable within the some Asian countries, wherever health edges of the plant are the well-known—particularly, its ability to lower blood sugar in diabetics.

Health Benefits of Bitter Gourd


Bitter gourd is employed as a seasoning drugs for the polygenic disorder. The extracts of bitter gourd (or the bitter melon) are found to possess the reparative impact on cells of the duct gland whereas serving to organ increase the secretion of the internal secretion yet as increasing tolerance of the body to sugar half dozen, and then being helpful in treatment of the polygenic disorder.

Skin Problems

It is effective within the treating skin diseases or the skin infections, or eczema, and even the skin sores. The ripe fruit of the bitter melon (which is orange-red), once mashed within the oil with and while not seeds, is effective once applied to the injuries, chilblains, cutaneous sensation skin, burns yet as for the infectious disease. Additionally, bitter melon may also profit within the reducing skin cutaneous sensation that always accompanies these infections.


It is typically used for the medicine properties of its like piles. The paste may also be made of the foundation of bitter gourd plant which will be applied outwardly to the pills for pain relief and reduction of the inflammation. Associate infusion of ripe fruit may also be used as a remedy for the hemorrhoids.

Respiratory Problems

Bitter melon has verified to possess the profit in treating metastasis disorders like the bronchial asthma, bronchitis, rhinitis, and also the inflammatory disease. Regular consumption of the 2 ounces of contemporary bitter melon juice, combine with a cup of honey diluted in water could facilitate metastasis issues just like the bronchial asthma or respiratory disease. Once it’s used for metastasis edges, bitter melon ought to be taken at the night before time of day.

Intestinal Worms

The seeds of the fruit are powerful in antihelminthics and facilitate to expel the enteric or parasitic worms by the gorgeous and killing them. Bitter melon is useful within the treatment of the enteric worms or diarrhea.


Bitter gourd has the various very important vitamins and also the minerals together with axerophthol — B vitamin, and B vitamin, water-soluble vitamin — and also the Iron, Calcium, element, Copper or K. There are several health reasons why you ought to take the bitter vegetable seriously. A containerful of its juice is given to the youngsters for the coughs, since the extracts of leaf exhibit antibiotic and also the anti-viral properties. Bitter melon will cause the severe low glucose effects, resulting in coma, in youngsters. If exposed to the seeds that youngsters may also expertise the physiological reaction, diarrhea or probably death. Therefore it should be taken when the consulting together with your MD if it’s to be taken for the dedicative use.



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