Flaxseed Oil Benefits| Flax Seed Benefits

Flaxseed Oil Benefits| Flax Seed Benefits

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Flaxseed Oil Benefits

Scientific name: Linum usitatissimum

Family name: Linaceae

Flaxseed oilFlax (also known as common flax or linseed) (binomial name: Linum usitatissimum) is a member of the genus Linum in the family Linaceae. It is native to the region extending from the eastern Mediterranean to India and was probably first domesticated in the Fertile Crescent. Flax was extensively cultivated in ancient Ethiopia and ancient Egypt. Flax seeds come in two basic varieties: (1) brown and (2) yellow or golden. Most types have similar nutritional characteristics and equal numbers of short-chain omega-3 fatty acids. The flax seed carries one of the biggest nutrient payloads on the planet. And while it’s not technically a grain, it has a similar vitamin and mineral profile to grains, while the amount of fiber, antioxidants, and Omega-3 fatty acids in flax leaves grains in the dust. Additionally, flax seed is very low in carbohydrates, making it ideal for people who limit their intake of starches and sugars. And its combination of healthy fat and high fiber content make it a great food for weight loss and maintenance. Flax seed oil is often recommended by health professionals to improve your overall health. Listed below are some of the health benefits of flaxseed oil that you can gain by consuming flax seed oil.

Health benefits of flaxseed oil

Improves overall health

Flaxseed oil is considered to be nature’s richest source of omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids are required for the health of your whole body. Omega-3 fatty acids are not the sole nutrient in flax seed oil. This oil contains omega-3 fatty acids, omega 6 fatty acids, omega 9 essential fatty acids, proteins and vitamins.


The lignan and fiber components of flax seed act as a highly effective laxative. To gain the best nutritional benefits of flax seed, always grind the fresh seeds. Take 3 tablespoons of flax seeds and grind them in regular coffee grinder.


Flaxseed may have a protective effect against breast cancer, prostate cancer, and colon cancer. The lignans in flaxseed may provide some protection against cancers that are sensitive to hormones without interfering with the breast cancer drug tamoxifen. According to some studies exposure to lignans during adolescence helps reduce the risk of breast cancer and may also increase the survival of breast cancer patients.

Cardiovascular health

Omega-3s help the cardiovascular system through several different mechanisms, including anti-inflammatory action and normalizing the heartbeat. Fitzpatrick says new research also suggests significant blood pressure-lowering effects of flaxseed. Those effects may be due to both the omega-3 fatty acids as well as the amino acid groups found in flaxseed. One of the best ways to help prevent and treat heart disease is to eat a diet that is low in saturated and trans fat and rich in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. So this indicates you to take omega-3 fatty acids from flaxseed and fish.


Preliminary research also suggests that daily intake of the lignans in flaxseed may modestly improve blood sugar as measured by hemoglobin A1c blood tests in adults with type 2 diabetes. It can be used in home remedies for chronic disease such as arthritis, gall disorders, and heart ailments.

Improves mood

If you have depression or a mood disorder, you will benefit from having omega-3 fatty acids in your diet. Scientists have discovered that the type of fat that you consume is linked with your state of mind. Multiple studies have shown that taking flax seed oil on a daily basis will improve your energy levels and your quality of sleep. The presence of omega-3 fatty acids in flax seed oil will leave you feeling less anxious and depressed.


The easiest way to consume flax seed oil is to add it to your food or drinks. Some people experience increased flatulence or bloating when they first begin to incorporate flax seeds into their diet. Therefore, it is recommended that you start with a small amount, such as one teaspoon, and slowly build yourself up to your intake goal. Pregnant women and possibly breastfeeding mothers should not supplement their diets with ground flaxseed. It is better to take medical advice before consuming flaxseed oil. Using flax seed oil on a daily basis has numerous health benefits. To experience these for yourself, all you need to do is take the recommended dosage of flax seed oil every day. So start consuming flaxseed and stay healthy!



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