benefits of aloe veraBenefits of aloevera juice in weight loss

Aloe Vera can be used both internally and externally by humans, and is claimed to have some medicinal effects, which have been supported by the scientific and the medical research. The Egyptians referred to it as “plant of immortality,” It was revered by Egyptians and included among funeral gifts that were buried with pharaohs. Aloe plant has long been recognized by the ancient Indian, Chinese, Greek and the Roman parties for its many healing benefits.

Aloe Vera leaves contain phytochemicals under the study for possible bio-activity, such as the acetylated polymannans, mannans, anthraquinone C-glycosides, anthraquinones, anthrones, such as the emodin, or various lectins”.  Aloe Vera is used in the alternative medicine and the first aid.

The species called the Juliana Anicia Codex is used widely in traditional herbal medicine in the many countries.  Aloe Vera, called kathalai in the Ayurveda, is used for the multipurpose skin treatment. This may be partly due to presence of the saponin, a chemical compound that acts as the antimicrobial agent. Both translucent inner pulp and resinous yellow aloin from wounding the aloe plant are used externally to the relieve skin discomforts. As an herbal medicine, the Aloe Vera juice is commonly used internally to relieve the digestive discomfort.

Aloe Vera gel is also used r commercially as an ingredient in the yogurts, beverages, and the some desserts. Aloe Vera is also used on the facial tissues where it is promoted as the moisturizer /anti-irritant to reduce chafing of nose. Most of cosmetic companies commonly add sap or the other derivatives from the Aloe Vera to your products such as makeup, moisturizers, incense, sunscreens, soaps, shaving creams, tissues or the shampoos. Its inclusion in the many hygiene products is due to the “moisturizing emollient effect”.

There is the some preliminary evidence to suggest that the oral administration of the Aloe Vera might be effective in reducing the blood glucose in the diabetic patients and in lowering blood lipid levels in the hyperlipidemia. It is also useful as the treatment for genital herpes and the psoriasis. It is also effective in the healing wounds. A review of the Aloe Vera’s use in burns concluded, that Aloe Vera might be an effective interventions used in the burn wound healing for the first- to second-degree burns.

Nutritional Contents

Aloe Vera has the high amino acid content, which are components of the protein. Several amino acids contained in the Aloe Vera drink play a role in the proper carbohydrate, fat and the protein metabolism. When these nutrients are the metabolized effectively, the body stores the less fat. In addition, Aloe Vera research website reports that the Aloe Vera contains over the 75 vitamins, minerals, enzymes and the other vital nutrients, making it an essential part of the any weight loss program. Dieting usually requires food restriction, which makes it more difficult to ensure proper intake of the all recommended daily nutrients. Supplementation with the Aloe Vera drink aids in adequate nutrition throughout weight loss process by supplying vitamins and the minerals without any significant calories.

Aloe Vera Juice & Weight Loss

Obesity is like the plague which is spreading throughout the world in the number of people. There are various factors for increase of the poundage. There are number of the people who are following the various remedies for the weight loss but these cures are upsetting their workouts and the diet plans of their daily life. The people find it difficult to maintain the body weight for a particular time period.

So, Aloe Vera juice is the perfect supplement which can be taken in the diet to reduce excess weight. Aloe Vera is a boon for the losing weight, because it doesn’t only help in loss of weight but also increases the energy content into the body. Aloe Vera acts as the antibacterial and the anti-fungal one too for protection of body from many microbes. Aloe Vera also acts as anti-oxidant detoxifying agent for body. Fiber is also equally important for body which is not provided by food available now days into the market, but possibly can be provided by this God gifted plant the Aloe Vera. It also helps to absorb food easily from the intestine and the colons of body. Aloe Vera also helps to reduce water cells proportions which are not good for body and hence helps for good maintenance of the kidneys and the urination problems.

There are the numerous benefits from Aloe Vera Juice in Weight Loss. It can help a person in reducing etc. pounds and can stimulate the metabolic rate of body. This results in increased energy consumption into the body. Due to which, the food that is eaten gets converted into the energy at a faster rate and is utilized by normal functions of body. This prevents conversion of this energy to fat. It also mobilizes the unused, stored fat into the body and the converts it into energy that is again utilized very faster. This helps patients with an obesity problem to lose weight fast due to reduction of excess fat from body.  As the fats and the carbohydrates stored into the body are utilized by our energy consuming functions, it helps into the reducing and the stabilizing body-mass index in obese patients. Aloe stimulates metabolic rate in the liver, which results in the burning more energy.

Aloe Vera also has a high content of the collagen protein, which makes your body spend more energy to absorb protein. By breaking down foods, helping the digestive system run very smoothly and aiding body to perform optimally. Aloe Vera surely can help with the mass management. Aloe Vera is purely very rich in proteins and the collagen. The energy consumption into the digestion of the collagen is high. So body has to spend much more energy for digestion of this juice due to high collagen content. This extra loss of the energy helps in the burning more calories and reduces fats of a person.  Aloe Vera reduces duration of time for which food stays in the intestine, this means that a lesser amount of the time is available to intestine for the absorption of the food. This results in less amounts of the food being absorbed into body as the rest is excreted via stools. This way, Aloe Vera helps in reducing intake of food in the patients indirectly, and reduces the body load.

Aloe Vera also helps in cleansing. For this reason, the plant is also called the ‘the dietary plant’. The Aloe Vera does not cause any side effects as in case of the other options of weight loss like the weight-loss pills, liposuction etc. It is purely the natural product and does not interfere with normal functioning of body. It facilitates weight loss in a harmless and the healthy manner. Aloe Vera juice is the excellent natural nutritional supplement, which contains as many as the twenty amino acids, twenty minerals and about the twelve vitamins. Aloe Vera juice is also used by dermatologists in their facial surgeries in the order to decrease skin or facial surface blemishes.

Benefits of aloe Vera juice other advantages of Aloe Vera juice are:

  • Heals ulcers
  • Controls the blood pressure
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Ass
  • ists in the removing constipation
  • Regulates level of sugar in the blood
  • Protects body against the aggressive organisms
  • Assists to decrease itchiness in the healing of psoriasis
  • Provides unique nutritional value for the energy and health
  • Strengthens the immune system and defends body against bacterial and the viral attack
  • Helps in dilating capillaries and supports cell growth, which in turn helps into improving circulation
  • Promotes healing of the bones, joints and the internal tissue damage (Good for the repairing tissue injury within body)


The Aloe Vera Research website recommends drinking 2 to the 4 oz. of Aloe Vera drink two times per day to assist weight loss. Possible side effects of the Aloe Vera supplementation include the allergic reactions, nausea, and the dermatitis or liver problems. To avoid the unwanted side effects, do not overuse the Aloe Vera juice. Drink only recommended dosage and discontinue if side effects occurs. Pregnant, breastfeeding women and the individuals with heart or the kidney disease, or those allergic to the onions and garlic should not drink Aloe Vera juice without the medical advice. To gain the benefits of medicinal uses of the Aloe Vera, you will have to consume two to the four ounces of the Aloe Vera juice a day. If consumed daily, it also aids in the digestion, detoxifying body, or cleansing and the colon.


There are not too many known side effects of the Aloe Vera juice, if taken in the moderation. It is advisable to seek advice from the health care professional, if you suffer from the colitis, appendicitis, intestinal problems or the Crohn’s disease. Even women with active menstrual cycle should have a word with the health care professional if they want to start consuming the Aloe Vera juice for the weight loss. At the same time, if you are on the medication, then talk to your physician, as the Aloe Vera can affect effects of the medication. It is a good aid for loss of weight program but through proper guidance.



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