Bay Leaf Tea Benefits| Health Benefits of Bay Leaf Tea | Loss of weight | How to lose weight fast
Weight Loss Green Tea
Drinking green tea helps to lose weight Drinking green tea can boost your metabolism and help you lose weight. All tea contains catechins, but green tea, which undergoes less processing than black and oolong tea, contains more.

Bay Leaf Tea Benefits| Health Benefits of Bay Leaf Tea

cold buster Bay Leaf tea

cold buster Bay Leaf teaBay (Daphne) is incredibly healthy tree that you just will use for various functions. You’ll be able to use for meditative, cosmetics or live healthy. Bay leaves, bay oil, bay tea have gotten several health advantages like digestion, skin disorder, sharpen the memory and additional. Overwhelming bay leaves in a very tea will facilitate ease the symptoms of coughs and colds as they assist to clear congestion. a technique to include herb into one’s diet, is by drinking herb tea. Herb tea is one among the foremost fashionable ways in which individuals will incorporate herb into their diets. The bay leaves are poached or steeped in water to make the herb tea. There are many herb tea advantages which might be enjoyed through the consumption of the tea.

Health Benefits of Bay Leaf Tea

  • It works against acid reflux
    It helps with irregular periods
  • It calms indigestion
  • It will scale back one’s glucose level
  • It improves digestion
  • It relieves abdomen ailments
  • It can relieve with flatulence
  • It will boost your craving
  • It will regulate your sleep pattern

Bay Leaf Tea RecipeBay Leaf Tea Recipes

  1. Add the bay leaves and water to a pot, cover, and convey to a boil high heat. Let boil for three minutes then take away the pot from the warmth and let the tea steep for four minutes.
  2. Strain and drink or sweeten to fit your style. If victimization milk, solely use a little splash, as an excessive amount of milk can dilute the flavor of the tea.

Recipe for cough and mucus relief

  • Put everything along and calm to regarding 1/2 of the cup.
  • After it cools down it’ll be thick sweetening.
  • When it’s cold, pour it in an airtight instrumentality and place within the electric refrigerator.
  • Take it a day doubly each day 2-3 spoons

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