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Top 10 way to beat Sugar Cravings

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Top 10 way to beat Sugar Cravings Spending your afternoons battling the temptation to raid the electric refrigerator for chocolates and ice- creams? Here are...
Dry Fruits

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Dry Fruits Dry fruits are very useful for maintaining overall health and are beneficial in prevention from many diseases. They are very rich in monounsaturated...

How To lose Weight Fast

weight loss diet plan

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WEIGHT LOSS DIET PLANS Body weight loss can be a significant challenge for many people desiring to look slimmer. Not only individuals want to lose...

How Many Calories To Lose Weight

weight loss/loss of weight

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HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT NATURALLY? How to lose weight? The first step is to consult a physician or dietitian and follow his or her advice. A dietitian will put...
Weight Gain Shake

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How to Lose & Gain Weight with Shake Egg Milk Shake 4 eggs One tbs. sugar 1 2/3 c. water 1 2/3 (large can) undiluted evaporated milk 1/4 tbs. nutmeg Beat...
weight loss for teens

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Teens - How Many Calories to Lose Weight Calories needed by a body differ age to age. A child needs lesser Calories than a teenager...
Acai berry, African mango

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There is a common question on healthy foods to eat. If you're eating most of given healthy foods already, good for you! If not,...

Health Benefits

Lodh Health Benefits

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HERB LODH English Name : Lodh Bark Botanical Name : Symplocos Racemosa Indian Name : Lodh,Lodhar,Lodhra,Hura,Pathani,Balalodduginamara/Pachetta,Lothi Part Used : Stem Bark Family : Symplocaceae Lodh Tree used from very ancient...
Hibiscus Tea Benefits

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HIBISCUS TEA BENEFITS The colorful hibiscus flower is cultivated worldwide for both its aesthetic appeal and its medicinal uses, which are primarily in the form...


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Kidney infection additionally referred to as urinary organs infection or urinary tract infection could be a sort of tract infection (UTI) that's typically caused...
Lupus Symptoms

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Causes Of LUPUS Lupus, conjointly known as general lupus (SLE) may be a chronic disease that is happens once your body's system attacks on your...

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